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PHP Routs

It's named that because, I can't spell.

Routs is a small framework for handling PHP routes. It uses a little apache magic and some PHP stuff to work.

For example, if you wanted to have fancy routes for sending pms in your app you could do:

Rout::get('*/to/*', function($params){
	//send awesome pm stuff.

The pre would be executed on:

You could also use it to have multiple pages:

Rout::get('*', function($params){
    if($params[0] == 'about') {
        //show my cool about me page.

In this case any URL would be valid as long as the path was only one level deep.

So, any of these would be valid:

In this case I am using a single function and using conditional statements but, you could also use multiple function calls.

Rout::get('about', function($params){
    //show about me page

Rout::get('contact', function($params){
    //show contact page

Both of the previous URLs would work.

You can also use the name of a function instead of typing it directly, like this:

Rout::get('*', 'test_function');

function test_function($params) {
	echo('Hello, World');

I am currently working on adding conditions, when done, you'll be able to do this:

Rout::get('*', 'someFunction', array('browser' => 'chrome');
Rout::get('*', 'otherFunction', array('browser' => 'android');

You can also use POST, PUT and, DELETE.

Rout::post('*', 'someFunction');
Rout::put('*', 'someFunction');
Rout::delete('*', 'someFunction');